Pete Hines to Povide PAX Aus 2014 Opening Keynote

Pete Hines to Povide PAX Aus 2014 Opening Keynote

If you’re like me and have been a huge fan of Bethesda you may have heard of the name Pete Hines. Don’t know him? Well you should! He’s the Vice President of PR & Marketing at Bethesda Softworks.

If you’re still wondering here is a little bio on the one and only Pete Hines:

“Since 1999 Pete has worked at Bethesda leading their marketing, PR, and community efforts. Pete has helped bring franchises like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Wolfenstein into the modern era of gaming and has been an important part of bringing successful new IP such as Dishonored and The Evil Within to market. He’s done everything from writing manuals to playtesting games to serving as the company’s chief spokesman, and has worked on every title Bethesda has made over the last decade and a half.”

If you plan on going to PAX Aus 2014 (October 31st to November 2nd), which will be located at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre you can still get single day tickets for Friday and Sunday by clicking here. Until then be on the look out for future news regarding PAX Aus 2014

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