Review: Pirate Fluxx (Card Game)

Review: Pirate Fluxx (Card Game)

My only experience with the Fluxx franchise was playing Zombie Fluxx at an airport with some people I had met at Penny Arcade expo. I had a lot of fun in that short amount of time and was very excited to try this new set. There is a new type of card included in this set to change things up a bit. The “Surprise!” cards can be played during your turn to have one effect or during another player’s turn to have a completely different effect which usually cancels out one of the cards they have just played.

The basis of any Fluxx game is to reach a current goal. It is 100 cards in a box with easy to learn rules that can change every turn. When the goal is reached withing the game, that player wins the game. Rules and goals will always be changing and a player will need to be well prepared and has to stay on their toes if they want a chance, especially in a six player game. I was lucky enough to  grab five friends and sit down for some six player action for this review. Three of us had earlier Fluxx experience. Of course, to no surprise to any of us, the first card played was the “Talk like a pirate” rule. If we wanted to be able to draw extra cards, we all had to keep character and talk like a pirate as long as the rule was on the table. Everyone in the house was annoyed with us by the time this game was over. If the game came with a bottle of rum it would have felt complete.


From there, the game is very basic and even for the new players seemed to flow naturally. Once a player picks up on how rule changes will affect the game time seems to fly by. There are a few cards that each player would like to have in front of them to keep from having cards stolen from them, mainly the captain’s hat, which forces every player to call you captain as long as it is in play in front of you.There is always the chance for any player to bounce back at any time which never leaves anyone feeling completely out of it. That is one of the magical things about Fluxx in general. Anyone can win at anytime with the right rules and the right draw.

Pirate Fluxx is a game best played with as close to six players as possible. With two and three player games, it just seems a bit too much about building up and waiting for the perfect rule or action card to fall in to your lap, especially with the new addition of “Surprise!” cards. In a six player game there is plenty of back and forth and it is hard to have a win fall in to your lap. Great games will ensue because of this. Not only will the competitive spirit flow, but there will always be the element of wanting to screw someone over just so there is one more turn to hopefully pull the card you need.


This is not a game you and your friends will want to play all night, but one to a few games of Pirate Fluxx to start or end the night or even as a break to anything a bit more hardcore will be the perfect fit. It will get the competitive juices flowing and help wind down with a great bit of humor. If this would be your introduction to the Fluxx series, it is just as easy to pick up as the base set. Don’t feel intimidated. It is easy to learn and I would highly recommend that anyone give this game a try.

Players: 2 – 6
MSRP: $16
Game Length: Normally 5-45 minutes (Our first game was not typical and went about 75 minutes)
Suggested Age: 8 – Adult


  • One of the easiest games to pick up and learn.
  • There is no learning needed.
  • Two rules to start that evolve as you play.
  • Another great theme in the growing Fluxx series.
  • Sturdy cards that don’t need to be sleeved.


  • Games can go very long if you have the max amount of players.
  • Other Fluxx themes have a better replay value.
  • You may lose your voice from talking like a pirate.
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