Circle Entertainment Brings Out the Demon King in Demon King Box for 3DS

Circle Entertainment Brings Out the Demon King in Demon King Box for 3DS

As someone who enjoys the games that have been published by Circle Entertainment you can’t help but keep a keen eye on what is coming. Games I happen to own by the awesome team include Witch and Hero, Bookstore Dream, Publisher Dream and Sweet Memories Black Jack. If I had to put a game at the top of my list from the team it would be Publisher Dream since it reminds me ever so much of a Game Dev simulator style game.

Today, Circle Entertainment has released new information and pictures for the game along with a game-play trailer. You can see the information and trailer below in this article. In the mean time will you be picking up this game when it releases? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

Released date: (NA) 21st Aug 2014

Price: $3.99

About: Demon King Box mixes real-time strategy with classic RPG gameplay. Gather demons and heroes to join aid your quest. Multiple types of minions can be gathered not only by conquering, but also by researching minions. The demon heroes can enhance the demon legion with their unique skills. Demons level up and get stronger not only by victory, but also by feeding them with their favorite food.

Other features:

  • Intense battles that can only be won through strength and skill.
  • Expansive demon world with diverse locales to be explored
  • Various demon heroes reveal their personality through captivating voice-over work.
  • A gripping storyline.
  • Gallery and achievements offer additional content for the dedicated gamer.

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