Is Fish Plays Pokemon the new Twitch Plays Pokemon?

Is Fish Plays Pokemon the new Twitch Plays Pokemon?

As someone who’s taken part of the Twitch Plays Pokemon fad, I’ve enjoyed any and all streams that use the feature. Recently, the collective was able to beat Pokemon X. However, last night while me and friends (other twitch casters) were talking away on Team Speak about future games we’d be casting along with normal everyday life topics. At one point one informed of us of a nice little stream called Fish Plays Pokemon. We began laughing about it since we were the only ones in stream and cheering the fish on. I kept joking that it will be the next Twitch Plays Pokemon, but little did I know within a few hours the wonderful Twitch community caught wind of the stream.

What is it you ask? Sit back and be amazed as someone has seem to created a program to track their fish via Webcam and have it play Pokemon Blue. With this program it has modified within to nine boxes, with each being a button. (Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A, Select, and Start) You’ll see this in the stream of the channel below. However, as I was saying the last number of people within the stream was around 10-15 of us and at this moment it has reached 9,500+ users watching and some talking.

I know a stream like this isn’t as good as Twitch Plays Pokemon, but it seems to have caught on with the Twitch community and we’re all hoping at some point and time it finishes the game. I expect to start seeing people create awesome artwork like they did with Twitch Plays Pokemon as well. With that being said I’ll be reaching out to the creator to talk more and enjoy the stream and chat below.

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