IndieCade 2014


IndieCade 2014: Cuppa Quest

IndieCade 2014: Cuppa Quest

Why did Karl Marx hate Earl Grey tea?

Because all proper-tea is theft!

I’ll wait while you compose yourself…

Unlike Karl Marx, I’m quite a fan of proper tea (none of your herbal nonsense, thank you very much). This is why a game about finding tea struck me as particularly interesting. Still in proof of concept, Cuppa Quest was created during the 2014 Global Game Jam, and isn’t at the stage where you can play it.

But you need to hear about it, because it was actually pretty awesome.

Cuppa Quest is a two to three player game, though it seems to be primarily designed for three players. A game requires two iOS devices and a headset. One iOS device displays a Zork-like text interface, one iOS device shows a top-down dungeon map view, and the headset is the sole source of audio. One person mans each station, and cooperatively, they must find…the tea.

Check out the team and keep up with their work here.

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