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IndieCade 2014: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

IndieCade 2014: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Geometry Wars has had an interesting path. Born from Bizarre Creations, it started life as a mini-game in Project Gotham Racing 2, and was eventually released as its own in the form of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Its success led to ports and spin-offs before an eventual sequel: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2. After the dissolution of Bizarre Creations, many of the now defunct’s staff created a new independent development studio: Lucid Games. Their newest product is Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, published by the revamped Sierra Entertainment.

There are two major updates to the classic Geometry Wars formula that immediately stand out when you look at Geometry Wars 3. First, as the play on words in the title would suggest (Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions), this new entry (considered the third entry in the main franchise line) breaks out of the classic Geometry Wars 2D rectangle and emerges into the third dimension. This gives Geometry Wars 3 a similar feel, at least on the spherical levels, to Super Stardust HD. The environments in Geometry Wars 3, however, vary incredibly, from spheres to what appears to be a twisted 2D plane (not as in the flying thing). The second major update is the inclusion of online multiplayer, which will launch with two team versus based game modes: a tower defense battle and a boss battle.

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The game includes a 50-stage single player campaign that includes various 3D environments and multiple boss fights, as well as a classic mode for fans of Geometry Wars 2. Keep an eye out for our review next month, and get your wallets ready.

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