IndieCade 2014


IndieCade 2014: Swords & Soldiers 2

IndieCade 2014: Swords & Soldiers 2

I’m not much of a real time strategy guy, generally. I’m a big fan of Civilization, and other turn based strategy titles that give me time to think and plan; to me, a great strategy game is like a nice game of chess, with deliberate moves planned and executed. Now, two days into IndieCade, I find myself intrigued and excited by not one, but three real time strategy games. Yesterday, I wrote about Close Castles and Mini Metro, two beautifully minimalist strategy titles, and today, I had the joy of experiencing Swords & Soldiers 2, a beautifully fun and mechanically diverse two player strategy battle, from Awesomenauts developers Ronimo.

What the hell.

The video does a great job of explaining the gameplay, so I won’t get too into it. It requires two controllers, one being the Wii U’s game pad. One player uses the game pad screen to control one faction, while the other player uses another controller and the TV to control the other faction. Gameplay is focused on establishing a source of income, then finding a foothold on the path to your enemy. Multiplayer is local only, but as it’s only coming to Wii U (so far), that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Regardless, this will be a fantastic Wii U game to have if you’ve got people to play with.

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