IndieCade 2014


IndieCade 2014: VR Typing Trainer

IndieCade 2014: VR Typing Trainer

I have found my reason to purchase an Oculus Rift once the consumer kit becomes available. I was just meandering (I was born in the south, I know how to meander) down the festival walk, going nowhere in particular, when, set up simply in the corner of a larger tent, I saw VR Typing Trainer. I suppose more accurately, I saw the crowd around VR Typing Trainer, and I decided to investigate further. I’m quite glad I did.

VR Typing Trainer GameplayDeveloped at the recent OCVR Game Jam, VR Typing Trainer is one of my favorite typing games to date, and I’ve played quite a few. The thing that makes this particular typing game so entertaining is the VR environment. You sit, finding your keyboard’s home keys, and begin the game looking into a TRON-like grand hall. In the center of your field, a reticle waits to target oncoming words of various length, from single letter to multisyllabic. You must target the word in order to type it, and when you’ve successfully typed the word, it is destroyed. This is important, because the words are advancing on your from starting points of varying distance and direction of origin. If you aren’t a strong typist without looking at the keyboard, the game will be frustrating, but you’ll assuredly improve your skills.

Certain specially marked words will provide you with a bomb once destroyed. This bomb can be used to clear the screen, and is incredibly handy as the speed and frequency of the oncoming words increases. Check out the developers, and if you’ve got the DK1/DK2 Oculus, you should be able to play now. You lucky bastard.

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