BAM! Battles and Monsters!

BAM! Battles and Monsters!

Aeria Games has announced the release of BAM! Battles and Monsters!, the new strategy card game set in a vibrant world that’s filled to the brim with feisty monsters to collect. The mobile game is Free to Play and is available now for iPhone and Android.

BAM! boasts over 680 collectible monster cards and it’s up to you to unearth them all! Unlock levels, discover playful monster characters, and form alliances with your new, cheeky friends in order to battle your way to the top. There are 70 quest zones to complete with your monster allies, and the addictive gameplay in this upbeat and enticing world doesn’t end there. Players are able to group up and form guilds for questing and engaging in real-time combat. The more monsters you conquer, the closer you’ll be to coming out on top. Your new monster friends will even evolve with you, guaranteeing the biggest and most unique battles are sure to be had!

Dr. Pascal Zuta, CEO of Aeria Games, says, “We wanted to create a game with the depth of a state-of-the-art gameplay but user-friendly enough to pick up on the go. With amazing graphics and a gripping mission, BAM! brings a new level of entertainment to players.”

Ready to unleash your inner monster and take part in the biggest monster battles your phone has even seen? Download BAM! Battles and Monsters! now at to start collecting!

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