Nintendo Direct 11.5.14


Ultimate NES Remix for 3DS — More zany Nintendo mash-up fun

Ultimate NES Remix for 3DS — More zany Nintendo mash-up fun

Also at today’s Nintendo Direct, more information on Ultimate NES Remix was given. The game will feature content from 16 of the top NES games, as well as something called “Famicom Remix Mode” which features content from the Japanese version of NES Remix with slightly different sound effects and backgrounds (I think I may have heard a Zelda villain farting in the video). There is also a new mode called “Super Speed Bros.”, which will have your heart pounding so fast you may feel like you’re doing a more illicit type of speed run. It features a version of the original Super Mario Bros. where everything is sped up to super speeds. Look for this little gem to drop just in time for the annual season of giving gifts on December 5th.


As a youngin’, Aron cut his gaming teeth on the NES. Countless hours spent in Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom helped him cultivate the skills that are the basis of what he is today: the Chicago metropolitan area’s most ruthless Pokémon master. Some would think a bearded man in his 30s would be ashamed to be seen in public wearing a Pikachu hat, but for Aron it is a badge of honor. When he’s not collecting gym badges, Aron likes games such as those from the Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, and Ace Attorney series.

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