#IDARB Will be February’s Free Xbox One Game!

#IDARB Will be February’s Free Xbox One Game!

As someone who’s been watching the news about #IDARB or at least keeping an eye on upcoming hot Xbox One games. You can’t help but love the indie game community. Without them we’d be no where and we wouldn’t have awesome games to play. Hell with those AAA games it’s all about the indie games, right?

Well here is some good news if you own a Xbox One. Next year in February you’ll be able to get #IDARB for FREE. Yes, I said free! It’ll be the free game of the month as part of the Games with Gold program. While we all know we’ll see kids whining that it’s not a AAA I can say screw them. While many vocal fans are already playing the game two months ahead of release. You can your chance as well. How? You should be  sure to follow @IDARBGame on Twitter, watch IDARB.com and through the IDARBGAme Twitch channel.

Who would say no to playing a game two month ahead of release? You can see a quote from Mike Mika the Head of Development at Other Ocean below. While I’m at it here is here a quote from my good friend Chris the Director of ID@Xbox. Just saying now Chris you’re GOING DOWN!

#IDARB’s development team is more than just us in the studio — it’s the thousands of fans that made character sprites on IDARB.com, gave us feedback at shows, and contributed just about every game design decision in the game by tweeting their ideas at us,” said Mike Mika, Head of Development for Other Ocean. “It might sound kind of strange to give the game away for free two months before it officially comes out, but that’s in line with how #IDARB was built from day one.”

It doesn’t sound a bit strange at all Mike! More like you’re letting an awesome game out to the public a bit early. From the streams I’ve seen already I can’t wait to play and I’ll be sure to take anyone who wants to play against me down.

In a nod to real arena sports, #IDARB is the first video game where fans spectating a session can disrupt the players, in real time, using either Twitch or Twitter. Spectators can turn the ball into a bomb, spawn fireworks, fill the screen with water, and more. So if you all would like to screw with my game as I play my Twitter is @H2OAcidic and my Twitch is SFX_Acidic.

“We’re big fans of #IDARB and we’re stoked Other Ocean is previewing the game early for fans,” said Chris Charla, director of ID@Xbox. “We’re excited to bring it to Xbox One free to everyone with Xbox Live Gold in February.”

If you’re yet to see gameplay to this game here is the new trailer for the game. Sit back and enjoy it! It’s your best bet to comment below after watching as well. How can you not after the video?

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