New Careers Added In The Sims 4!

New Careers Added In The Sims 4!

Pack that briefcase and hit the gym! Four new career paths are headed to The Sims 4 in an entirely free game update that includes the Business and Athletic career choices. Interested in the powers wealth can bring you? Work your way up to either Angel Investor or Business Tycoon. Aspiring to achieve physical prowess? Push your skills to reach either the Hall of Famer or Mr./Ms. Solar System titles!


Sims will be given new outfits to change into throughout their entire careers and will also be able to unlock interaction rewards and exclusive career objects. Looking for the fast lane to the top? Take advantage of the new chance cards, which offers Sims opportunities to move up the ladders of the professional world or take their time as loyal career employees.


Don’t miss out on the Holiday Celebration Pack, chock full of holiday-themed items, decor, clothing and more to bring your Sims into the holiday season! Redeem you Holiday Celebration Package for FREE in-game or through Origin.


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