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Dying Light Release Details Confirmed

Release Date & Weapons Packs

Dying Light Release Details Confirmed

Highly anticipated zombie shooter Dying Light releases in a few days for some, but developer Techland offered some final clarifications before the big day. For the PC community, they can get their hands on the zombie-hunting goodness on January 27th, 2015. For both North and South America, physical releases will be available that same day for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia will be able to enjoy the macabre mayhem on January 28th digitally, while physical copies won’t be available until February 27th, 2015. All of the physical pre-ordered copies will include the Cuisine & Cargo and Ultimate Survivor Bundles for no additional charge.

And as further great news, all players will be treated to the coveted “Be the Zombie” multiplayer mode, previously restricted to a preorder incentive. This mode will allow players to take control of the grisly Night Hunter and invade other players’ games to try and foil their attempts at survival. This mode will be free for all platforms, regardless of region.

And let’s not forget that Dying Light supports co-op. If you’re looking for something to kick back and play with friends, they’ve got you covered in this zombie hunting shooter. And for those of you with a taste for anarchy, “Be the Zombie” is for you.

To get a taste of the Co-Op action, check out the Devs taking it for a spin:

 Dying Light is available for pre-order at several retailers around the world and will retail for $59.99; it will be available between January 27th and February 27th, 2015 depending on region and format preference.

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