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Hand of Fate Steam Code Giveaway

Hand of Fate Steam Code Giveaway

While I’ve put in a lot of time with the game Hand of Fate we’re here with an awesome giveaway! What is Hand of Fate? It’s quite a good game if you ask me. For more information you can read this information below pulled from the Steam Store for the game.

An infinitely replayable series of quests – earn new cards, build your deck, then try to defeat it!

Beyond the thirteen gates at the end of the world, the game of life and death is played. Draw your cards, play your hand, and discover your fate. Hand of Fate is a hybrid roguelike/action-RPG/deck builder, in which the player builds a set of cards into a deck, which is then used to deal out the dungeon floors through which they adventure. Upon entering a combat, all of the cards the player has collected fly into their hands as fully modeled 3D assets, and combat begins.

Build your deck, enter the world of Hand of Fate, and prepare to face the Ace of Skulls.

Key Features

* Tabletop card game brought to vivid life.
* A unique take on roguelike gameplay.
* Visceral action-RPG combat.
* Game changing gear and items make every play through unique.
* Hundreds of encounters, items, armor, weapons, artifacts, and mysteries to unlock.
* Unique deck building mechanics let you customise your own adventure, as you seek to defeat the Jack, Queen and King of each suit.

Microsoft Xbox 360® Controller (or equivalent) is recommended.

Now that I’ve caught your eye on this treasure you’ll have the chance to win 1 of 10 copies of the game for Steam. Please take note that this game is in Early Access and many new and cool features will be happening. Personally, I hope that this game makes it to consoles such as Xbox One in the future. It has already been confirmed that it’ll be on PS4 and PS Vita. Now instead of me babbling away you can enter for your chance to win by using the box below and following each step.

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  • moo359

    “After you watched the video above, what interests you the most about the game?” the rpg element mixed with a tabletop card game

    • Windress

      i love the combination of a deckbuilding game with actual dungeon running! This game looks so fun!

  • Dark5tar1

    It interests me because while I enjoy games like Hearthstone, this has a much more dynamic and visually interesting angle to card games.

  • Leon Durham

    watching the fights!

  • Alex K

    The fights look amazing!

  • ShapeshifterCreative

    Looks like I could be easily sucked into this one for sometime! Thumbs up!

  • esp4him

    The card game mixed with the battles

  • Geonerd

    This game looks so amazing i love the mix of cards and battles

  • Tro Lo

    Game looks awesome, seen on twitch

  • omgwtfbbq221

    The look of the combat and the unique playstyle is what interested me, and I’m very curious to see how this game will turn out in the future

  • Opalfrun

    “After you watched the video above, what interests you the most about the game?” the card game mixed with a combat game, something that is Unique and different, i like it

  • ShoujoWarrior

    I like how it seems like a combination of a card game, a tabletop rpg, and action rpg. It’s like you’re playing a tabletop rpg against a mysterious stranger who’s playing as the DM, and everytime you have to battle you’re sucked into some other dimension where your character is actually facing his enemies in battle.

  • Brandon Kropp

    Love the tabletop/deck-building rpg components with the action based combat. Makes for an interesting game.

  • Albert de Ruiter

    love the replayvalue

  • sprinks

    Looks like so much fun.

  • Xephyr

    I am most interested in the replayability. That, and the endless mode =D

  • Shawn Sigurdson

    The parts where the game turned to hack-n-slash or action RPG game-play after a card was drawn.

  • rogannn

    Seeing what each card does 😛

  • Anthony Falkenstein

    this game is like giving birth to a premature love baby

  • Tihamér Szabó

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Valerie Kay

    I like these battles. They look intense 🙂

  • Mr. Blue

    Cheesybacon. Wait there’s no cheesybacon in the game?

    Okay i’m always a fan of a good card game. Motorcycles optional.

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