Nintendo Direct 1/14/15

Nintendo Direct 1/14/15

A lot was covered today in Nintendo Direct 1/14/15. This is going to be a quick summary of everything. If the summary interests you watch the video posted with each part for more info! Some don’t have individual videos for, I will keep my eyes open for them so I can update this article with them. For those who know they wanna watch it all, here it is!

Fire Emblem

First off was a really awesome preview of the upcoming Fire Emblem game. I’ve only played the GBA titles in this series and had a ton of fun. They were my first games with permadeath, which made every battle intense. It’s great to watch this series continuing to gain more and more fans with each installment. This one looks better than ever.

Puzzles and Dragons

Next up was a Puzzle and RPG game thats gained major popularity in Japan, this time with a Nintendo twist. Looking a lot like puzzle quest, but with battles looking more engaging and a story that’s easier to follow.

Pokemon Shuffle

Upcoming Free to Play Pokemon puzzle game. Bejewel your way to collect them all. Use items and powers to help you on your way.

Wii titles available to download and play on Wii U

These will be completely playable without going to the Wii side of the Wii U, and yes titles compatible with the classic pro controller will be playable on the gamepad.
Three titles announced were Mario Galaxy 2 available now, Punch Out available 1/22/15, and Metroid Prime Trilogy 1/29/15.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

More details on the upcoming Kirby game. Covering gameplay mechanics and Amiibo functionality. Kirby, King Dedede, and Metaknight unlock special powers and hats. Coming out 2/20/15

New Amiibos

Next round of Smash Amiibos Robin, Lucina, PAC-MAN, Wario, Ness and Charizard. And new Super Mario series (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, and Toad) to be used with…

Mario Party 10

Amiibos will unlock special game boards and events themed around character used. Smash Amiibos will work, but have to be cleared of Smash data before they can be used. Available 3/20/15


More details on the upcoming shooter. Central hub is a city square where you can interact with others and enter the different game modes. Lots of customization with weapons, clothing, and shoes.

Hyrule Warriors

Majora’s Mask DLC will include Tingle and Young Link as playable characters and include a new adventure map and more costumes. Available on Feb 5th for $7.99.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

New exploration trailer shows off some spectacular environments and amazing monsters. Promising to be a very engaging game. 2015 release

 Mario vs Donkey Kong Tripping Stars

Tipping system will be implemented to so players can reward creators of their favorite player made levels. When you buy one version you will get the other version as wel. 3/5/15 release.

Bandai Namco – “Project Treasure”

Upcoming Free to Play game, somewhat unclear as to the nature of the game. Visuals imply something somewhat edgier and cool.

Upcoming releases to not forget

Platformer “Elliot Quest”, Bleck, seemingly “Earthbound” inspired “Citizens of Earth”, Gunman Clive 2, Moon Chronicles episodes 2,3, and 4, Sega 3D classics, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Story of Seasons, and Fossil Fighters Frontier.

 “New” 3DS

The main feature of this Nintendo Direct. Lots of details for the new member of the 3DS family. Nintendos attempt to make their acronyms as long as words the “N3DSXL”. New Features include Face Tracking for a more stable 3D viewing experience, “C stick” nub to function as 2nd joystick. Amiibo Support built in, Faster load times, downloads, and web surfing, better battery some due to auto adjust screen brightness to environment, to use Micro SD cards to keep system compact, any previous versions AC adapter will work. To be released on 2/13/15.

 Codename STEAM

C stick will help with camera control useful for battlefield scouting and planning. Fire Emblem Amiibo compatible. 3/13/15 release.

Ace Combat Assault

Nintendo themed planes. C stick required to play.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

3DS port of hard to find Wii title. A chance for everyone to play it who don’t wanna lay down extra money. Made by same team who worked on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS port. Released sometime in April.

Iron Fall

3rd party shooter. C stick advantage but playable on all 3DS platforms.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and New Bundle

Looking bigger than ever. Amazing visuals, even though blown up a bit for the direct game still looked really good on the full HD screen I was watching it on. Full online support. Expect Demo soon.

 Majora’s Mask 3D and New 3DS Bundle

C stick offers better camera control. Coming out with release of the New 3DS on 2/13/15. Get excited for your NDSMM3D model!

Well that pretty much sums it up! Personally I’m pretty excited for an upgrade of the 3DS and the plans they have for it. It’s great to see more and more games using the Amiibo features making them feel more than physical DLC. Buying one can get you content in multiple games which is great, not to mention a cool figure. It’d be great to finally play Xenoblade Chronicles and not pay extra for it. Last but not lease Xenoblade Chronicles X is gonna be simply amazing to just walk around in and I’m looking forward to seeing the story and gameplay. What from today’s Direct got you most excited?

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