Puzzle with Quirky Physics Platformer Shiftlings

Puzzle with Quirky Physics Platformer Shiftlings

Are you a fan of physics? How about puzzle-based platformers? Do you enjoy a bit of color and quirk in your game design? Shiflings, a game from fledgling Norway-based studio Rock Pocket Games will fit the bill, thanks to its publication announcement from Sierra.

The brainchild of an indie studio that is unafraid of color and quirk, Rock Pocket Games’ Shiftlings pushes those missions forward in their upcoming physics puzzler. A studio comprised of passionate developers with fun in mind, there’s a lot of potential to be seen here.

The game takes places in a intergalactic reality show from the perspective of two space custodians who must travel together and complete intricate puzzles. The catch is that the pair share a single air hose, which allows one of them to swell drastically, which will hinder mobility, but allow to completion of some challenges. Given the two-character design, the game is built with either solo or cooperative play (local or online) providing over 50 levels in a series of creative worlds.

Shiftlings is expected to launch on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC this Spring and is currently rated T. No price has been offered as of yet. For more information, visit www.rockpocketgames.com/shiftlings and keep it here on Marooners’ Rock.

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