Wargaming Worlds Expand

Wargaming Worlds Expand

In a double-header of exciting news from Wargaming, both World of Tanks 360 Edition and World of Warships have announcements. On the World of Tanks front, Wargaming announced the Iron Brotherhood update, available to all Xbox Live Gold members as an immediate free download. The update adds a new map and five heavy Soviet tanks for the destruction connoisseur to sink their teeth into. Don’t have Gold? No problem. Regular Xbox Live members can still experience all the wonderful tank-fueled mayhem with a free 7-day trial.

These new tanks are built for brutal assault with armor meant to take a licking and keep in ticking. Drivers can now commandeer the T-150, KV-3, KV-4, STI and IS-4. The new “South Coast” Map is the perfect chance for tankers to stretch their strategic legs.

For more information on the Iron Brotherhood update, visit:


Not to be outdone, World of Warplanes is in Beta this weekend to those with access, granting them a trial run at the coveted aircraft carrier fourth class. This class brings the RTS element to the waterways, challenging players to think outside the box. Ten tiers of warships will be available to testers, including the chance to build up some of the USA and Japan’s most memorable machines. The options are expanded especially for Beta players to give them the true Warships experience.

Be warned Sailors, participants are tied to an NDA, so please keep those awesome screenshots and videos to yourselves for the time being.

Below are the scheduled times for the Beta Weekend by Region:

Start TimeEnd Time
EU: January 23, 18:00 CETEU: January 25, 23:59 CET
NA: January 23, 18:00 ESTNA: January 25, 23:59 EST
ASIA: January 23, 18:00 JSTASIA: January 25, 23:59 JST


To learn more about World of Warships second Beta Weekend, please visit:

http://worldofwarships.com (North America)




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