Far Cry 4 Overrun DLC Out Now

Far Cry 4 Overrun DLC Out Now

With everyone playing Far Cry 4, why shouldn’t you check out the new DLC? Starting today you can now download and/or buy the new Far Cry 4 Overun DLC. While I’m still busy playing the game I’ve grown excited to playing each DLC and with more coming out this will in turn give me many more hours of gameplay. If you’re wanting full details on all of this new DLC keep on reading below.

In this new content for Far Cry 4, as the ongoing war over Kyrat continues, players will embody the Rakshasa and the Golden Path to hold point-scoring locations in the battle map.

Overrun includes:

•       New PvP mode: Throughout the match, three designated locations will activate with only one location active at a time. Both factions compete to control the active zone and score points.  The more team members a faction has in the zone at a time, the more points they score.  Overrun plays in two rounds, and scores are totalled to determine the overall match winner.

•       Four new maps: Maps have been specifically crafted to support the tactical yet frenetic gameplay of Overrun.  Each map offers a perfect balance of power between the Rakshasa and the Golden Path.

•       New vehicle: To help even the score, the Golden Path have brought another vehicle into the mix.  The iconic dune buggy is now playable in this new PvP mode, giving the Golden Path a combination of speed and power to help dominate the fields of Overrun!

Players can purchase the Far Cry 4 Season Pass through the following links:

PlayStation®4 system:

PlayStation®3 system :

Xbox One :

Xbox 360 :

Windows PC :*

* Will be live Feb. 12th

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