Getting Pokemon and Items just got Easier in Pokemon OR/AS

Getting Pokemon and Items just got Easier in Pokemon OR/AS

While I don’t like people who hack Pokemon there are times in which it’s funny to see crazy Pokemon. An examle being a Magikarp with the Ability of Hoopa, including a move of his and other crazy moves from other legendary Pokemon. It was funny to see it take down the Elite Four all on its own.

Well now news is out about the exploit for those who own the previous¬†3DS. Yes, the NEW 3DS can’t do this exploit. While you can do this at your own risk I’ve verified that this things do work. However, it’ll be your own job to find the QR codes. (Hint: 4Chan, Reddit, Some Pokemon groups on Facebook and your friend Google) This is for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. ¬†Anyways, the exploit is quite easy to do in these small 9 steps. (Take note that if the Pokemon isn’t in your Pokedex you’ll need to put it in Day Care and take it out to have it show. Also, unreleased Pokemon can NOT be traded as well as ones with crazy moves.)

Step 1: Boot up Pokemon OR or AS.
Step 2: Load your game
Step 3: Make sure Box 1, Slot 1 doesn’t have a Pokemon.
Step 4: Exit from PC
Step 5: Hit the Home button and then L+R to bring up Camera
Step 6: Hit the QR box, scan the QR code for the Pokemon you want
Step 7: Select yes to open up Internet and connect to page
Step 8: After it crashes hit Home to go back into game and visit your PC
Step 9: PROFIT????? and Repeat?

Here are some examples of Pokemon I happen to have just for the heck of it. Sadly, I can’t trade them since it’s on the Black List of trading until out. As for the Magikarp that was for the hell of it and the moves make it untradable.

While this is for Pokemon, which CAN include the unreleased events such as Hoopa and so forth. There is NOW another means of getting items, via the same style of exploit. This one will force the game to give you a MYSTERY GIFT as in the Blue Lady who shows up in the Poke Center. With this one I’ll provide the picture of the QR code, which includes the steps. (Use at your own risk since we all know you’ll max out the items!) If it doesn’t work go to the internet and clear you cookies same with the Pokemon steps.

Click here for Picture!


My guess is that this will be patched in the future, but it will seem like the GTS and many other Pokemon players may be already loading up. I’ve seen people with maxed out items already. However, I’m not shocked that it took this long to finally do it in terms of bringing Pokemon into the game. As for how all this is done? I’ll leave you all to your good friend Google.

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