Let’s Ask Wargaming, Fans Submit Questions

World of Tanks

Ok everyone, this was an opportunity that was requested by community members and Wargaming fans. This is your chance to submit a question of your choosing that you would like us to ask the Wargaming team on your behalf. All you have to do is comment with your question below.

What do we want from you? We’re looking for the top five appropriate questions from those who play World of Tanks or happen to have questions for the team in general. The Top 5 appropriate questions as decided by staff will be asked at the end of our press appointment on Friday March, 6 at 10AM.

We have the first appointment of the convention and this is your chance to have your voice heard. (If there are codes being given away that we can get our hands on, the people who submitted the questions we use will all be getting prizes.)

Wargaming has a full slate of exciting content at PAX East 2015 as well as announcements to share with this year. Things include hands on with the recently announced World of Tanks for Xbox One, World of Warships, and World of Tanks Generals.

Rules are simple:

  1. Ask a relevant question.
  2. Don’t be rude.
  3. Make it something unique or something that hasn’t been asked before.
  4. Make it something that most Wargaming staff or developers could answer.

Traveler, competitive eater, swag master, cookie brigadier, and promotional marketing genius. Choose one title or combine them all to figure out what Shane is on any day of the year. Also, tweet at him during PAX for cookie deliveries. (This isn’t a joke.)

  • Timmy Tomato

    1. When is Wargaming going to execute the staff of WG EU?

    2. When is arty being removed?

    3. Can I have an M60?

    4. Is SerB actually dolan?

    5. Does Wargaming actually own a Gulag camp in Siberia? If so, why isn’t it inhabited by the staff of WG EU?

  • Sprocket_Grease

    When will the screwed up matchmaking get fixed?

  • LuckyMark

    Did WG know what is FTR? (the biggest web about wot)

  • maccinn

    In what stage of development is currently Havok?

  • World_Player

    Why are you deleting tanks like FV215b? They’re not OP and it’s arcade game, so why? Nobody cares of unhistorical vehicles.

  • LuckyMark

    What about Czechoslovakian tree??

  • Koreflash

    1. Do you have any plans about market/auction where you can sell/buy, crew/tank from other players ?
    2. Any plans with GW E-100 ?

  • Brett Neuschwander

    what will our xbox players bee looking for with upcoming tanks??

  • Hayden

    Will there be a beta for xbone WoT

  • maccinn

    Will there be any new fun mode (like Football and Chaffee race) and if yes, what will it be?

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