Puzzle Game Jungle Rumble is now out PS Vita

Puzzle Game Jungle Rumble is now out PS Vita

Looking for a nice and relaxing PS Vita game for yourself or your kids? Why not try out Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness and Bananas, which just released today on PlayStation Vita. While I do remember hearing about this game not long ago it’s excited to hear that it’s now on a hand held gaming device. What is the game about you ask? Well continue reading for all those details.

Players help lead the Mofongo tribe of monkeys against rival banana-stealing primates, before discovering that human destruction of the rainforest is driving their neighbors to invade.  The Mofongo then confront the true evil ravaging their land to reclaim tropical paradise. To command the monkeys, gamers drum on the screens of their Vitas in time with the dynamic soundtrack, while also making quick decisions about where to move and who to attack.

The story alone sounds pretty nice and I can see many kids and adults enjoying a game such as Jungle Rumble. Be sure to check out the trailer for the game below!

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