Shane Unboxes the Razer Nabu X

Shane Unboxes the Razer Nabu X

While Razer is busy creating new and unique devices such as keyboards, headsets, fight sticks and other peripherals we’re here with a quick unboxing of the new Razer Nabu X. What is the Razer Nabu X?

“Razer Nabu X is the younger sibling of the Razer Nabu and does exactly everything the Nabu was designed to do – discreet notifications, fitness tracking, and social band-to-band communication. Only difference is, Nabu X uses three bright LED indicators for notifications instead of an OLED private message screen.”

Do you own one or looking to buy a Razer Nabu or Nabu X? Comment below we’d love to hear what you think about the device if you’re an owner.

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