New Screenshots and Trailer for Omega Quintet

New Screenshots and Trailer for Omega Quintet

New screenshots and a trailer have been released for Idea Factory’s first PS4 game Omega Quintet. Idea Factory are most well known for developing the Neptunia series of JRPGs, the remakes that have recently made it onto PC and PS Vita in the west. These new screenshots show off some of the larger enemies you’ll be facing in the game.

Omega Quintet releases exclusively on PS4 with both physical and digital formats on April 28th in North America, while Europe will receive the physical release on May 1st followed by a digital release on May 6th.


Omega Quintet_20150218152016 Omega Quintet_20150218152246 Omega Quintet_20150225175447 Omega Quintet_20150212150625 Omega Quintet_20150213151016 Omega Quintet_20150213170009 Omega Quintet_20150217130139

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