PAX East 2015


PAX East 2015: Downwell Hands-On Preview

PAX East 2015: Downwell Hands-On Preview

What’s Black, White and Red all over? Downwell

What is this game? Downwell is an 8-bit tower descending shooter. While this sounds awesome, it has a very simple look and feel, that can be played on iOS, android or PC and comes with controller support.

At PAX East 2015, I started out by playing on an iPhone and it only took me about a minute to feel comfortable with the controls and actually start making progress. Soon after I was given a controller to play the PC build of the game.

How is Downwell played? The goal within the game is to collect gems from the terrain that you destroy or by killing random enemies. At random points down the well, there will be a chance to redeem gems for special power ups and upgrades. Now if you’re wondering about the controls of the game. The controls are simple, you can move left, right and jump. When you jump again while in midair, you use your gun boots to shoot downward to break blocks or defeat enemies. When you land your boots reload to their maximum ammo capacity.

Downwell - Animated 2

Each time going down the well within the game will be different, so don’t worry about any two playthroughs ever being the same. Similar appearance, but different challenge. This will be a game that is great to pick up and play in short bursts on a phone or tablet, and to really sink some time into on PC with controller support. This may also be good to try to make some long distance runs down the well. How far do you think you’ll make it?

While I do prefer to use the controller, this will be a perfect title for anyone to pick up and give a shot. The whole time I was at the booth there was a crowd waiting for their chance to pick up a phone. This is not a common occurrence at PAX. There are only three words that I need to sum up my personal feeling and the reactions I could gauge from the crowd: Simple, fun, and addictive.

This is a game made by a single Japanese developer who is passionate and very interactive with everyone who played. He said the game should be out by summer (Q2 2015) and I damn sure hope he’s right. I need this. Well done Ojiro Fumoto!

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