PAX East 2015


PAX East 2015: Enter The Gungeon Hands-On Preview

PAX East 2015: Enter The Gungeon Hands-On Preview

Enter The Gungeon is a roguelike dungeon crawler full of over 200 guns, 100 items and multiple gungeoneers to play as. The game is created by Dodge Roll and will be published by Devolver Digital. What about the release I’ll get to that later in this hands-on preview.  Now what is Enter The Gungeon? Think of Binding of Isaac meets bullet hell topped off with a big helping of the bullets fighting back.

Who wouldn’t like a game like that? From the time I spent with the game I see myself coming back for more. You may be asking yourself, how is the game played, right?

Gungeon 2

The play-style of Enter the Gungeon is a twin stick shooter with a simple dodge roll mechanic that can be used to traverse obstacles and avoid a plethora of enemy attacks. During the first half of the dodge roll the player is invincible and they will need to master this mechanic to get through the game. Using these simple controls, you will battle the Cult of the Gundead and attempt to reach the bottom of the Gungeon where the ultimate prize awaits: a gun that can kill the past.

My first playthrough did not go well. I dodge rolled into a hole, got shot in the face one too many times and had no idea that I could flip a table for cover. If it says anything about how the game is made, doing poorly did not ruin the enjoyment I was having one bit. On my second playthrough, I was warped directly to a boss battle and loaded up with a few powerups to see how well the game scaled without making a line of anxious attendees wait for me to get better with the game mechanics. I did a bit better on this attempt and took the boss down to about half health before I finally succumbed to rolling into a hole once again.

Gungeon 3

So as you can read so far this is one special game that will offer a fun time even if you suck at it. If mowing down crazy enemies with guns that shoot fish, foam darts, rainbows and even bees sound like something that interests you, be on the lookout for Enter the Gungeon releasing something in the third quarter of 2015 on Playstation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux. You can expect more information on this game as it comes in as well as a review once the game comes out.

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