Rock Band 4 Announced Ahead of PAX East 2015

Rock Band 4 Announced Ahead of PAX East 2015

There is nothing like JUST landing in Boston for PAX East 2015 and turning on your mobile device. What did I lay my eyes upon? It was that Harmonix has come out to announce Rock Band 4 for Xbox One and PS4. This is why I state ahead of PAX East in my title of course. This is some good news for anyone just now landing in Boston, in mid-flight or just about to fly out. Anyways, this news is hard to put into a group of words other than it’s amazing that they’ve announced it finally. (I think everyone knew it in the first place.)

If you want to read the full details on this announcement straight from the companies mouth you can click here and read the badass post from Eric Pope over at Harmonix. Now to wait for tomorrow so I can throw my money at Nick Chester.


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