Is Red Dead Redemption Remastered Coming?

Is Red Dead Redemption Remastered Coming?

Our good friends at the site Evil Source Gaming have found a picture showing Red Dead Redemption Remastered for Xbox One. My guess is it would be on PS4 as well. While looking at the picture the fan of the game inside of me is screaming, I hope this is true!

Just look at that picture and tell me you aren’t filled with joy just seeing it. I can see this being fan made and everyone freaking out about the picture. However, with E3 still a while away and no word from RockstarĀ Games on the franchise even though everyone wants it that will be my guess for now. Though, RockstarĀ Games did tease a little bit about Red Dead Redemption in 2014 and said to stay tuned for announcements in 2015. Could this be what they were talking about? Well either find out soon enough or even at E3 2015.


I’ll be reaching out to Rockstar Games in light of this picture to get a comment regarding the picture. Expect this page to be updated once I hear back.

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