Marooners’ Rock Smite Skin Code Giveaway

Marooners’ Rock Smite Skin Code Giveaway

How would you like 1 of 19 skins for Smite? Who wouldn’t! Do you see that awesome picture above?! I’ll first state these are all for PC, but for those of you playing the Xbox One version and haven’t linked you’re in for a good time too. Personally, I’m making sure I’ve got all the free skins and making sure I’ve played enough of the PC version to unlock more skins before bringing it to my Xbox One. Anyways, we all know you’re here to win a skin code!

What are the items we’re giving away in this giveaway? Just look at the list below!

  • SMITE Kawaii Pop Skin Unlock Codes
  • SMITE Ah Puch Unlock Codes
  • SMITE Desert Queen Skin Unlock Codes
  • SMITE Black Gorgon Skin Unlock Codes
  • SMITE Torment Skin Unlock Codes
  • SMITE Death Mask Skin Codes
  • SMITE Daisy Despair Skin Codes
  • SMITE Jandroid Skin Codes

With that all said and done… Now is your chance to win some of these codes. Just follow all the steps in the widget below and you’re good to go. Plus the tweet counts as a daily entry so you can do that each day. Be sure to read the entry about the commenting since that may decide on the code you get once the giveaway ends. For now good luck to all who enter and time to see all you true Smite skin collectors come out for your chance at some awesome skins.

Smite Skin Code Giveaway

Did you win in the widget above? Contact me on Twitter @H2OAcidic and I’ll follow back to verify you entry and you’ll obtain a code.

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