TERA Comes to Steam with New Gunner Class

TERA Comes to Steam with New Gunner Class

After three long years En Masse Entertainment is bringing TERA to Steam and is launching the Gunner in celebration. Gunners are a fast-moving, high-DPS, ranged class who never stop to ask questions because they’re too busy shooting first!  TERA is a free to play, award-winning MMORPG for the PC platform that takes the fight beyond the genre’s traditional point-and-click combat systems with enhanced aiming, dodging, and tactical timing to create an intense and rewarding combat experience.

To celebrate the launch of the new gunner class, players who log-in before May 26, 2015 will receive the “Beep Boop Bot” bundle for free—which includes the EX-TRM mount, a free character slot, and a whole host of consumable items.

Download TERA on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/323370/?utm_source=earnedmedia&utm_medium=announce%20press%20release&utm_campaign=steam

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