All Aboard The Hype Train: E3 game catch-all Post

All Aboard The Hype Train: E3 game catch-all Post

Since we will be seeing a lot of games throughout the day, and not everyone will be able to post from the computer, this will be a temporary place to share releases, rumors, announcements and whatnot throughout the week until a larger article can be created.

11:00 – Reports of an Xbox one “Rare” collection. It is being said it will contain 30 titles from Rare’s past (it is assumed there will be no first party Nintendo games included. Duh. Also probably no Goldeneye) Speculations point to Battletoads, Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and maybe even 360 games (Kameo, Viva Piñata, etc.) Will update if/when this is confirmed in just a little bit!


Doug bashes his fists against the keyboard and eventually a piece of video is made, sometimes it is even funny. Some of his gaming accomplishments are: completing a living Pokedex on the Pokebank, 1000 pointing BCFX: Black College Football: The X-perience: the Doug Williams Edition, and only crying five times during the Kingdom Hearts series.

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