Bethesda E3 2015 Showcase Live Blog

Bethesda E3 2015 Showcase Live Blog

Are you looking forward to the show tonight from Bethesda? Well here you can keep up-to-date with the announcements made during the show. Once the show is live you’ll be seeing some us here posting LIVE updates on this page. Even though a game may have already been announced by accident yesterday expect to see the greatest announcements from the show right here. See you all tonight at 9:30pm EST on June 14th.

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Brandan Vande Kamp June 14, 201511:04 pm

Bethesda also announced their new strategy card game – Elder Scrolls: Legends! Hearthstone and Magic welcome your new competitor.

Brandan Vande Kamp June 14, 201510:05 pm

Bethesda came to E3 with some BLOODY good announcements! We especially found a lot of blood in the DOOM announcement. If you need to get caught up on the info, check out these highlights!

Douglas Spears June 14, 20158:24 pm

Update: Fallout 4 Pip-boy edition contents. Links are going live all over the place. Best Buy is up now, Amazon will be soon for USA

Douglas Spears June 14, 20158:23 pm

Screenshot of Fallout Shelter

Douglas Spears June 14, 20158:02 pm

Speculation: Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition just went up on for 78.02 British Pounds, which is roughly equivalent to $121.29
Confirmed: $119 

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20157:58 pm

Update for Mobile game ONCE AGAIN.

Douglas Spears June 14, 20157:53 pm

Post-show: Dishonored 2
-There will not be co-op. Focuses on single player experience. Once you pick between the two characters in the beginning, you are unable to switch later in the story.

Release: Spring 2016

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20157:41 pm

Doom comes next spring, announced during after show.

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20157:34 pm

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20157:30 pm

Update: Game Informer reported the mobile game was coming to Android as well. They’ve updated to iOS only.

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20157:24 pm

I know right! Just told our writer that’s there to send them to me. HAHA! Expect more updates with all this content to go live soon.

Douglas Spears June 14, 20157:23 pm

And with that folks, we wind down to the end of the Showcase. (So Andrew, when do we get mailed our adorable figures)

Douglas Spears June 14, 20157:20 pm


Douglas Spears June 14, 20157:20 pm

Thank God. Guess there will be no sadness on the Android end of phones. (I’m sorry Windows phone people)

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20157:19 pm

The Mobile game is coming to Android TONIGHT!

Douglas Spears June 14, 20157:16 pm

Back to Fallout 4
-Rebuild society. You can now scrap items and get material to build your own little colony. Super super indepth it seems
-Mod weapons and power armor too with these materials. Over 50 base weapons, then over 700 modifications for these weapons. 

-Video will be up of combat soon, but for now just know the power armor freaking flies.

Douglas Spears June 14, 20157:13 pm

-New game! Fallout Shelter. For phones. Create your own vault, you are the overseer. Very FTL-ish/Sims. Free, no paywall, no internet needed, Microtransactions for extra “lunch boxes.” TONIGHT!!! WHAT!!?!?!?!

(Side note: This game is so freaking adorable)

Douglas Spears June 14, 20157:13 pm

Unfortunately I too am on Android :'(

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20157:12 pm

Yo! Doug, you have iOS? I’m on Android. 🙁

Douglas Spears June 14, 20157:10 pm

WHAT?!?!?! TONIGHT?!?!?!?! Fallout Shelter releases in a few hours……

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20157:08 pm

Now this mobile game they’re showing off that is Fall Out themed. Plan on me sinking MANY MANY hours into it.

Douglas Spears June 14, 20157:06 pm

Can confirm with Andrew. All of the want.

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20157:05 pm


Douglas Spears June 14, 20156:49 pm

Here we go: Fallout 4
-Game starts before the bombs drop.
-No sliders for facebuilding, is now facial “sculpting.” All NPCs were created using this system.
-Play as male and female.

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20156:46 pm

Update: video of ESO: Tamriel Unlimited.

Pete Hines has just now announced a card game in the theme of Elder Scrolls. This card game called Elder Scroll  Legends that will be on PC and iPad later this year. Pete Hines says that we’ll enjoy it when the time comes.

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20156:42 pm

Remastered version of Dishonored coming this fall for Xbox One and PS4.

Douglas Spears June 14, 20156:39 pm

Now: Dishonored 2
Sequel to the 2012 assassination game. No gameplay yet, just reveal trailer.
It will be released for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 Spring 2016.

It was also announced that Dishonored Definitive Edition will be coming Fall 2015 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Douglas Spears June 14, 20156:35 pm

Worldwide Beta signups now live. Priority given if you sign up before June 18th.

Douglas Spears June 14, 20156:33 pm

Up Next: Battlecry
Edit: Online team-based action game. Not much was said by the Developer, but gameplay was shown as well as introduction to characters. Video will be uploaded soon.

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20156:25 pm

The producer has now announced that the game WILL be able to create missions and more within Doom. This will be on ALL devices. They’ve now announced Doom  Snapmap, which will let you the gamer create  your own games, which will be down to you on how to create a level, how a game is played and then some. This alone has me sold and is what’s missing in many console games. I also agree with Marty about being excited about this feature. He’s now showing off more Single Player, this time HELL. Expect video of this soon.

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20156:22 pm

To start of the show Bethesda is showing off the game Doom, which came out in the 1990’s. Directly from ID Software and brought on stage Marty Stratton the Executive Producer. He spoke about the past games, and has now announced that on screen is the game Doom. I will update with a video below once it has been uploaded, but from what I’m seeing LIVE in the stream it’s looking pretty bad ass. You can expect me to curse, yell and throw my arms up in the air going HELL YEAH!

From this alone the game looks really great and you can tell the crowd is very pleased with what they see. With the engine the developers are using you can only guess on how the game will be and look later in levels and then some. As for the weapons, they seem to be many classic guns, but remade to what they’d be for today as well as being able to totally kick some demon ass by running up and beating them to death or even breaking a few bones. However, at the end of the video the character got his butt kicked. Again, expect the video of what I detailed above in added video.

Now the producer is talking about Multiplayer, which range from Deathmatch and more. He has now announced a video showing it all off, which again that will be added to this as well. The trailer alone look like it’s going to be a hit with those who love team based MP or simply kicking butt against randoms online.

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20156:04 pm

Just moments ago Bethesda showed off the game Doom as a teaser. The super shot gun is back as well as possible  characters coming back. You can expect more information as well as the tease trailer once we have access to the video, which you’ll see below in the future.

Douglas Spears June 14, 20155:46 pm

Stream is LIVE. We are being treated to this and “It’s All Over But The Crying”

Andrew Peggs June 14, 20155:33 pm

We’re moments away from LIVE blogging so keep your eyes glued to this for updates from many of us here at Marooners’ Rock.

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