E3 2015: Behemoth “Crashes” onto Xbox One

E3 2015: Behemoth “Crashes” onto Xbox One

Guess what side scrolling, beat-em-up fans? Castle Crashes is getting a remaster for the Xbox One! The adorably bloody slashing game is getting the next gen treatment later this Summer with Castle Crashers Remastered. Improvements coming include: 5x increase in texture sizes, 60 fps, improvements to gameplay and online multiplayer, and a brand new mini game: Back Off Barbarian. Back Off Barbarian is a fast-paced movement minigame where players avoid enemies that are being constantly dropped into the game world.

Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One is currently in development and is expected to release later this summer! During the stream happening later today they’ll touch briefly on Castle Crashers Remastered, which was just announced this morning at the Xbox E3 Briefing. Behemoth’s other Xbox One game, Game 4 will be showed off during Xbox Daily’s E3 stream. More information will be mentioned in the stream on Castle Crashers Remastered as well, but it appears it will focus on Game 4. The stream is from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm PDT today (6/15/2015) HERE.


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