E3 2015: Ubisoft Conference Live Blog

E3 2015: Ubisoft Conference Live Blog

Since we’re getting pages ready here is the hub for the¬†Ubisoft show, keep your eyes glued to this page for us here at Marooners’ Rock to give up-to-date posting from the show. If you have questions while we’re working leave them in the comment section below. This page is a LIVE blog, so you’ll see other staff and I posting as much as we can in detail. While you’re here be sure to check out our information on both Bethesda and the Microsoft show.

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Andrew Peggs June 15, 20153:11 pm

A new Massive world game has been announced, titled Tom Clancy game. This ends the show so you can expect more details on this game in a later post.

chris June 15, 20153:04 pm

Assassin’s Creed: Robin Hood looks good, but it’ll have to do a lot to top Assassin’s Creed: Pirate Adventure as the best of the franchise. I’ll keep my hopes up!

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20153:00 pm

Next game is a clear giveaway of the next Assassins Creed. A new trailer is being shown. The CGI is nice, but hoping gameplay is shown off however.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:57 pm

Ubisoft has shown a new racing game, which looks pretty nice so far. Gameplay of Trackmania Turbo looks nice and I can see myself playing. 200 tracks will be in-game, you can also build tracks and they are created at random track and all.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:41 pm

Rainbow Six Siege gameplay was shown off and the teaser alone looks sweet.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:39 pm

Just Dance Unlimited coming to Xbox One and PS4 streaming service. This is the first ever time this has happened. Owners of Just Dance 2016 will get access.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:38 pm

Just announced new Just Dance game coming this year!

chris June 15, 20152:36 pm

You would lose that bet, Andrew.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:35 pm

I bet Chris is dancing to this.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:27 pm

Beta for all formats to come in 2016. The game The Division will come out on March of 2016 all at once.

chris June 15, 20152:23 pm

“Dark Zone” area announced, where things become a little more treacherous than the rest of the game’s environment. Other teams of players can become allies or enemies.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:22 pm

The new Trials DLC that releases July 19th looks amazing. Just had to tell Dan who is CM for the game that he needs my money now.

chris June 15, 20152:20 pm

The Microsoft presser didn’t have anything new for The Division, so I’m looking forward to new content now.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:17 pm

The Crew has new DLC coming, which includes new summits and of course cars. A new trailer was released showing off more crazy places to race and enjoy. While the game was okay, can this DLC save the game? The DLC is caled The Crew Wild Run.

chris June 15, 20152:15 pm

Lots of potential with For Honor, as long as the combat system feels good.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:12 pm

Ubisoft has now shown off a new IP titled For Honor, which the trailer alone looks amazing. What would you do if war was coming your way? Would you run or stand and fight? This game will provide you that chance to answer those questions. The game promises to make you feel the game and you can bring your friends with you. On stage 8 people walk on, which tells us there will by Multi-player along with team battles. Gameplay was then shown of this battle.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:05 pm

You still continue you as the new kid, but in this game you play as a super hero and explain why your but whole is so amazing. Yes, that was just said on stage. No release date has been announced, but as you can expect this game will be nuts.

Andrew Peggs June 15, 20152:02 pm

Ubisoft starts with the show with a new South Park game, which continues off where the first game left. Will they do well since the Stick of Truth isn’t gone yet? This game is titled South Park The Fractured But Whole.

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