Rumor: Battlefield 2143 Possibly Leaked UPDATED

Battlefield 2143

While I’m taking this with a grain of salt until it has been confirmed, it seems someone over at Reddit has dropped a few pictures claiming the existence of Battlefield 2143, which would be the long awaited sequel to Battlefield 2142. While the pictures do look like a quick snap so they didn’t get caught, we can only hope they’re real and not some user whipping something up to have Battlefield fans go crazy. Please consider this a rumor!

This rumor has me excited. I have reached out to EA for any conformation on these pictures, but my guess is that they’ll most likely say nothing or say that the pictures are fake. We can always hope that the pictures are real and more keep coming from this source. Expect this post to be updated once I hear back or see updates.

Update: It has now come to our attention that the original poster of the “leak” has come out to confirm that the pictures provided are fake. See below for full text from the OP.

“Damn it, EA caught me out. Well guys, as many of you can tell, these are fakes I made in my spare time, good job to the skeptics who pointed out my shoddy (embarrassing) mistakes in Photoshop. Here’s some screen grabs of actual material (both released and unreleased):

For the snow scene, I just used Cryengine 3, slapped in some rocks, used the EU Dropship transport from 2142, added subtitles and boom.

For the other stuff it’s just a mix of posed 3D models from BF2142.

I feel so bad for getting all the 2142 fan’s hopes up, I too would really like 2143, so sorry for shitting on your hopes, but we can all dream that one day DICE will revisit the 2142 universe.

The reason why these fakes look similar to the Halo 4 fakes is because I’m the same guy who did those about 2-3 years ago.

As you may be able to tell, the screenshots would be a lot more fake looking without the camera hiding the imperfections. But it was fun doing them anyways!”

Source: Reddit

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