WhoSlide.com: The Ultimate YouTube Companion

WhoSlide.com: The Ultimate YouTube Companion

Editor’s Note: WhoSlide is an independent creation of Marooners’ Rock video content creators, Jordan and Brandan (JvK/BvK).

WhoSlide on KickStarter

YouTube is Difficult Today

Infinity Nerd, LLC launched an exciting web application on KickStarter.com today. They call it WhoSlide.com and it could change the way users interact with YouTube forever. According to Business Insider and the WhoSlide campaign, YouTube has over 1 billion users and 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. However, 53% of videos uploaded to the video giant receive less than 500 views.

Infinity Nerd Will Give Anyone Who Shares The KickStarter With #WhoSlide A Complimentary Beta Key!

It’s difficult to grow a dedicated audience to any type of content on the interwebs today. Since 2007, YouTube has given Content Creators the ability to make money off their videos. Today, everyone has access to a camera and who doesn’t wants to make a little cash off their videos? YouTube search rankings are dominated by large and established channels (with hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers), Leaving it almost impossible to grow a YouTube channel today.

What Will WhoSlide Do?

WhoSlide promises to bring equality back to YouTube. WhoSlide will not rank videos with an algorithm. Rather, share them with other WhoSlide users based on the quality of the content. Infinity Nerd states their primary goal in the development of WhoSlide was to allow all Content Creators the chance to develop an audience specific to their niche. However, their KickStarter campaign states that WhoSlide isn’t just for Content Creators. It will allow the average YouTube Viewer an excellent video watching experience and the ability to find undiscovered Content Creators that deserve a YouTube audience.

WhoSlide for the YouTube Viewer

Let’s face it, after we’ve binge watched everything on Netflix and YouTube, we need new and exciting content to watch. WhoSlide will provide you with tons of random content specific to video categories you enjoy. YouTube’s search algorithms leave it difficult to discover new YouTube Creators that have talent (because established channels are always ranked first). WhoSlide will provide Viewers with a unique watch experience  where they can discover new talent, vote upon the video’s quality, and maybe even find their next favorite YouTuber.

WhoSlide for the YouTube Content Creator

WhoSlide promises to aid the growth of any YouTube channel with quality content. Whoslide will be the only legitimate and free method to grow a loyal audience dedicated to the Creator’s niche.

According to Infinity Nerd, it will be easy to grow a YouTube channel with WhoSlide. All a Creator has to do is upload their video to YouTube (as they regularly would), log into WhoSlide, and post the video under the video category it falls under. WhoSlide will automatically distribute the video to people who enjoy that video category. If viewers “up-slide” the Creator’s video, it will be shared to more WhoSlide watch pages, thus allowing the Creator to grow their dedicated audience.

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