AR-K: The Great Escape Available Now on Steam

AR-K: The Great Escape Available Now on Steam

The third chapter of the AR-K series, a point and click adventure title written by Greg Rucka (known for his work in the comic book scene), was released today on Steam. While this is the third chapter of the series, it does not require the playing of the first two chapters to make sense of the story.


AR-K follows former cop Alicia Van Volish as she tries to answer questions after a drunken night out. The game was made possible by the help of an over $100,000 Kickstarter project. Not only is the game written by Rucka, award winning comic writer, but features the voice talent of Ash Sroka, better known as Tali Zorah from the Mass Effect trilogy.

This chapter is the penultimate one, with a fourth installment expected before too long. If you are interested in The Great Escape, or would like to check out the earlier installments, click HERE for parts 1 and 2, or HERE for just part 3.

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