Cortana Android App Leaked

Cortana Android App Leaked

If you’re like me and only some-what use the Google app on an android device now is the time to upgrade to something better. What do I mean? It seems the android version of Cortana, which is a feature on Windows 10 as well as Windows Phones has leaked.


However, it seems that the leak of Cortana on Android is due to an Insider test that Microsoft just started. Only a limited number of testers were given the app, but seems someone doesn’t know that sharing stuff before release isn’t okay. With it being the internet someone was going to do it at some point. The company has stated that it will be releasing the beta to the public in the next few weeks. So while you can click the link below, which will take you to google docs to download the APK just be warned it will have bugs and with any  beta taking risks that follow. If you want to wait for the beta to be released to public you can do so as well.

First you will need to go to your settings of your phone and tell it to allow unknown sources. With most android phones when you try to install an apk it’ll prompt up settings and ask for you to check that box so it can install. From then on you can install Cortana. If you already have Cortana on android leave your thoughts below on what you like about the application so far.

To download APK click ->

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