OFFICIAL: Prototype Biohazard Bundle Releases for PS4 and Xbox One

OFFICIAL: Prototype Biohazard Bundle Releases for PS4 and Xbox One

Last night it was rumored/leaked/accidentally released early, but now it is offical that the Prototype Biohazard Bundle snuck onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 stores overnight. The price for the bundle is $49.99.

Each game in the Prototype Bundle includes exciting content and features for fans and newcomers to the series alike. Both titles have been updated for a new generation of hardware with Full HD rendering, improved framerate, and higher-resolution textures and effects. Prototype 2 contains all of the DLC that came with the original RADNET Edition of the game, as well as the majority of in-game content previously offered through retailer pre-orders.


If the bundle does not intrigue you, you are in luck! Both titles will be individually released on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store on August 11. Prototype will be $29.99 and Prototype 2 will be $39.99. For the latest news and updates from the PROTOTYPE universe, please visit

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