Popular Card Game Munchkin to Get New Additions/Tutorials

Popular Card Game Munchkin to Get New Additions/Tutorials

The ever popular game Munchkin is set to be spiced up this November with three new card sets and more! Munchkin is a 2001 cardbased dungeon crawling adventure game that gets rid of the role playing aspect, and adds ridiculous situations, weapons, and monsters. After 14 years, the card game is still going as strong as ever.

Up first is the Munchkin Christmas Lite set ($9.95). While this set was designed with new people learning from it in mind, it still can be used as an expansion for the base Munchkin game.


Cats. Yep. Kitties. Kittens. P…recious piles of fur that will try to eat your soul in your sleep. Munchkin Kittens ($9.95) will be released as a 30 card expansion to the base game.


Finally, Star Munchkin gets some love! Star Munchkin Cosmic Demo ($5.95) is a 17 card pack that will act as a rigged demo to introduce friends to the world of Star Munchkin, they use it as an expansion!.


New booster packs and other small items will be coming in November as well, but they will be officially announced on the 15th.

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