Team17 Is Back With Two New Games, Both of the Crawling Variety

Team17 Is Back With Two New Games, Both of the Crawling Variety

THEY ARE BACK! Team17 dropped the bomb on us today that there will be a new Worms game coming out soon! Not only are they bringing us one, but they are giving us two different varieties! Rejoice! Up first is Worms: WMD. Created with a brand new 2D cartoon-inspired worm design, and beautiful hand drawn landscapes, Worms: WMD is slated to come out for the Xbox One and PC in early 2016. However, Team17 has a gift for those that happen to be in Cologne, Germany on August 6th – August 9th, a.k.a. Gamescon attendees.

They will allow fans early looks at the features for the new entry into this popular series. These features will include vehicles and buildings that can be entered for new strategic elements. Team17 will also be showing off Beyond Eyes, Sheltered, Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE, Penarium and The Escapists The Walking Dead during the week.

Worms WMD - Screenshot 1 - Gamescom 2015

Is that too much Worms excitement for you? I hope not, because I’m not done yet.

Get your iPods, iPhones, and iPads ready all, because starting next month, Worms 4 will be available to play on these Apple products. This version has been fine tuned to be played in a more mobile setting. For example, there will be smaller maps, smaller teams, and shorter match lengths to allow uninterrupted play while out and about. Included will be 80 single player missions, over 100 weapon upgrades, and 5 different themes for online multiplayer matches that happen in real-time. What more could you possibly want?! Worms 4 has no solid release date at this time, but Team17 has said that it will, in fact, be releasing in August 2015.

Worms 4 - Screenshot 2 - Gamescom 2015

Is this too much violent, crawly action for you NOW? Well too bad, nancy. The Worms are coming for you.


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