The End is Nigh: Lost Dimension Is Here

The End is Nigh: Lost Dimension Is Here

Tactical RPG from ATLUS and LancarseĀ Lost Dimension is now available for purchase in both North America and South America. The PS3/PSVita game is available for purchase for $39.99, but ATLUS has sweetened the pot. For the next two weeks (7/28-8/11), $20 worth of DLC will be free for all players. This DLC includes costumes, missions, consumables, and more!



InĀ Lost Dimension, you are part of a special forces group who has been tasked with taking down an evil being known as “The End.” This task force contains eleven psychics with very special powers, including molecular manipulation to freeze/burn enemies, teleportation, and even power stealing. Your goal? Climb the tower and reach The End. Sounds simple enough, right? RIGHT? However, the catch is that after each floor you complete, you must go all “Survivor” on your team, and vote off one teammate who may or may not be a traitor planted by The End. That’s right! As you’re playing, not only do you have to worry about fighting, but you must also participate in this pseudo-whodunnit to figure out who the traitor actually is. Guess wrong, and they will fight against you during your final battle with The End.

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Generally I am not a huge fan of in-depth RPGs, but the twist of this game has me extremely intrigued. What do you think? Is this a good move on ATLUS’ behalf to include the whodunnit feature, or will it make the game too overbearing for noobies like moi?

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