Are You Ready To Party…Hard?

Are You Ready To Party…Hard?

Get tactical with Tiny Build Games’ Party Hard. In this game, you play as a guy who goes crazy after his neighbors keep having parties. In order to stop the party, he goes over to calmly discuss the dispute. Ha. Just kidding. He murders everyone. Your goal? Exactly that. Make sure no one leaves alive at each party. Yes. This is a very serious game. You can set traps, or outright murder people. Oh, also you can dance with bears in shades. Since there is a dance button. Super serious. Strapped with a good soundtrack, the mentioned dance button, and twitch integration that allows viewers to interact with your game.

Does this sound like your type of fun? Then it will cost you $12.89 for Steam. Why 12.89? Well Tiny Build says it is the amount of people stabbed to death by serial killers since records began. Are they right? Are they serious like their game? Only one way to find out! Buy their game and then look up the facts!

Doug bashes his fists against the keyboard and eventually a piece of video is made, sometimes it is even funny. Some of his gaming accomplishments are: completing a living Pokedex on the Pokebank, 1000 pointing BCFX: Black College Football: The X-perience: the Doug Williams Edition, and only crying five times during the Kingdom Hearts series.

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