Cliff Bleszinski Announces New Boss Key Productions Game LawBreakers

Cliff Bleszinski Announces New Boss Key Productions Game LawBreakers

You may have heard of Cliff Bleszinski before, but maybe not. This small time, little known of developer (queue sarcasm tag) has been off the radar lately, much to the disappointment of Gears of War fans. Recently, he and his new studio Boss Key Productions have been slipping out teasers leading up to the announcement of their new game. Well, the wait is over! For the announcement at least.

Bleszinski’s new game is LawBreakers, a post-apocalyptic free-to-play shooter, set in the future after Earth suffered through “The Shattering,” an event that broke the Moon apart. With one of the most important celestial bodies for our planet disappears, things like gravity stop working the way we expect.

This unusual premise will let players play around with verticality in a way that no other game can offer. The inclusion of jet packs and grappling hooks will add a level of puzzle solving to the game. There will be no shortage of ways to play the game.

Players will be “breakers,” members of gangs that popped up in response to the destruction, or law enforcement officers tasked with keeping some semblance of order in the new reality. LawBreakers will mix arena shooters and class based combat together in what should be an ambitious and enjoyable game.

Stay tuned for more info as it leaks!

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