Exclusive War of Warships Items Up For Grabs

Exclusive War of Warships Items Up For Grabs

Wargaming announced today that with qualifying purchases of ASUS gear, players of their game War of Warships will receive items from exclusive camouflage for the Marblehead, Diana, and Tachibana ships, 1,000 doubloons, 30-days of Premium Account status, and many more! This deal will last from today until January 20, 2017 worldwide, except China. To find out what purchases qualify, visit www.asus.com/event/.

“Wargaming and ASUS share the passion for delivering state-of-the-art gaming experiences,” said Konstantin Kamenev, Business Development Director at Wargaming. “By working with ASUS to set up exclusive offers, we will provide naval combat enthusiasts with the combination of AAA gaming and AAA hardware, ensuring they can take World of Warships to the next level.”

“Epic ROG gaming gear is the perfect match for World of Warships,” said Jolene Lee, Global Marketing Director at ASUS. “This partnership combines great in-game content, slick gaming hardware, and the opportunity to participate in something exclusive.”


War of Warships is a historical online combat game. There are four classes of ships, each able to be upgraded, plus camouflage for each ship in each class! To play the game for free, visit worldofwarships.com!

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