Happy Wars Coming to Windows 10

Happy Wars Coming to Windows 10

If you’re like me you enjoy a good game to play with friends and random users online. You’re in for some great news to a fun Xbox 360/Xbox One game. If you haven’t heard of the game Happy Wars you’ll want to turn on your Xbox 360, Xbox One or even boot up Steam. Happy Wars is a game created by the wonderful team at ToyLogic Inc and they’ve done quite a bit since the game first released on Xbox 360 and recently on Xbox One.

Today, it has been announced that Happy Wars will be coming to Windows 10. The only details we have to go on at this time are as followed below, but personally I can’t wait for the release date to be announced or even more information.

Features on “Happy Wars” on Windows 10:

  • Xbox Live support enables Cross Platform Play between the Windows 10 version and Xbox One version
  • Gamers who have played the Xbox One version can share obtained items and game progress with Windows 10 devices using the same Xbox Live account.
  • Players can enjoy the same newly updated contents of “Happy Wars” released for Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions also in the Windows 10 version from the beginning.
  • Windows 10 version release will give more range for players to enjoy “Happy Wars”. Please stay tuned for more information!

So now those who don’t own a Xbox One, but play PC games can join others and I in the future. These features alone are great news to those looking to stick to PC games, but be able to play with those on Xbox One via Windows 10.

Source: https://www.happywars.net/xbox_other_en/3809

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