Might & Magic Heroes VII Closed Beta Giveaway

Might & Magic Heroes VII Closed Beta Giveaway

We’re back with another giveaway, and this time we’re going for a more traditional experience with Might & Magic Heroes VII.

We’ve been given a ton beta keys to give away, and we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to get straight into the game. Hit the button below and follow these instructions to set up your beta access to Might & Magic Heroes VII. The beta runs from August 26th until September 2nd, so make sure you get your codes in before it’s too late! However, if we do run out we may just get a restock of codes so don’t be sad if you miss out on this wave.

The beta content includes:

–          4 of the 6 factions will be playable, including the two factions which were selected by the fans – Haven, Academy, Sylvan and Dungeon

–          4 Skirmish maps – The Dried Lands, Bad Neighbors, Fire & Blood and Irresponsible War

Step 1:

Obtain a Beta Code by scrolling to the bottom of the post, doing steps and obtain your code.

Step 2:

Enter your Beta Key by going to to the beta page here and clicking the Enter Your Beta Code button


Step 3:

Log into Uplay or create an account

Step 4:

Redeem your code


Step 5:

The Beta will appear in your inventory under “Games” and you will be able to download the game client. Closed Beta begins August 26th, 2015.


Might & Magic Heroes VII Beta Giveaway

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