COD: Black Ops III Leaves out Campaign for Last Gen Consoles

COD: Black Ops III Leaves out Campaign for Last Gen Consoles

Still rocking an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Really enjoy the campaigns in the Call of Duty Franchise? Bad news, I’m afraid, the campaign mode won’t be featured on the last generation console versions of the game. Citing an inability to “faithfully recreate” the co-op aspect of the campaign on the previous generation of hardware, Activision has made the decision to just leave it out. Additionally, Black Ops III for the 360 and PS3 also won’t have the weapon paint shop or the esports tools that will be in their current generation counterparts.

On the positive side, previous generation owners will get all of the available multiplayer modes and maps and the Shadows of Evil zombie mode for the low, low price of $49.99. OK, that’s not really that low especially considering that there’s no word on DLC pricing or availability. Certainly feels like the previous generation holdouts are getting screwed on this one.

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