Mystic Phoera Companion Code Giveaway (Xbox One)

Mystic Phoera Companion Code Giveaway (Xbox One)

Are you looking for one of those hard-to-get Mystic Phoera codes for a special Epic companion for Xbox One? Well we’re happy to announce that we’re giving 8 people a code for the Mystic Phoera, which I’m also using at this time. Trust me when I say it looks so beautiful and totally worth having as a pet. However, we know some of you may just trade the pet for the Phoera in-game by trading the Mystic.

Well we’re here as we stated above to give 8 of you a code to redeem in the Arc app on Xbox One for Neverwinter. We’ve made it very simple for those of you who want to win a code. Simply follow the app below and you’re entered to win. Good luck to all who enter and see you in Neverwinter on Xbox One and for now you can stare at the picture above of the card with codes on them while you enter and hope you win.

Mystic Phoera Companion Code Giveaway

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