New Update to Rock Band 4 Setlist Will Rock U 2 Pieces

New Update to Rock Band 4 Setlist Will Rock U 2 Pieces

Guess what kiddos! We are just about a week from Rock Band 4, and Harmonix has made a huge announcement. The setlist announcement they made a couple weeks ago wasn’t the final setlist.

Last night a video accidentally leaked from a USA Today article where Harmonix Project Manager Matthew Nordhaus says something along the lines of “Our setlist has an awesome lineup include (band), (band), and U2, which has two on disc songs and a lot more coming in the future for DLC release.” (Sorry for the paraphrase, the video has since been removed)

Now, it is official. Making its Rock Band debut, U2 will in fact have two songs on disc, which has only happened with The Beatles, Green Day, and Queen. The songs will be “I Will Follow” from their album “Boy” and “Cedarwood Road” from their most recent album, “Songs of Innocence.

Harmonix also stated that additional U2 tracks will be added to the Music Store after launch.

So yeah. That bombshell has hit. Will there be more tracks or are we at the full setlist? I have reached out to Harmonix to see if they can give us some information, however at this time they have not responded. I will keep you all updated! Just over a week everyone! Rock on!!! \m/

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