New Xbox One Bundle Features Gears Of War Collection And More!

New Xbox One Bundle Features Gears Of War Collection And More!

Microsoft continues to deliver on their promise of a new Xbox One bundle each day this week. On the heels of yesterday’s Tomb Raider bundle (a personal favorite), the new bundle has been announced, and it’s fantastic.

The Gears Of War bundle will not only feature the original Gears Of War series, including 19 maps, six game modes, and five new campaign chapters that were not a part of the original releases. However, the best part of the bundle is the access to the Gears Of War 4 beta. That alone is worth the price of admission.


While this bundle is a 500 GB system as opposed to the 1 TB systems included with other bundles, access to the beta is a pretty good way to make up for it. Despite the excitement over the recent bundles, it’s important to remember we still have a number of them that have yet to be revealed! We’ll make sure to update you on every bundle we see this week. Stay tuned!


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